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Helping support the work of Hope2Families as we practically meet the needs of our community.

Raising awareness for families.
Instilling hope in families.
Providing practical, emotional and spiritual support for families.
Provide restoration for families.


Thelma is on the ground and knows the people within our community. Thelma time and time again shows a fearlessness and is immovable when it comes to her convictions.

Alana has been there from the beginning, Alana deeply cares about Hope2Families and is always at hand to help out with tasks that other people wouldn’t do.

Laura is incredible, just being with her will make you feel better. Laura exemplifies what it means to be gentle and what it means to really care about people.

Janette is one of our own, down to earth and straight forward when it comes to people and to God.

Stephanie is a people person. She can talk to anyone at anytime. So excited to have Stephanie relating with families and helping provide practical, emotional and spiritual support.

Phyllis is a joy. Her infectious smile and always ready to have a laugh personality not only helps the team but who the team are there to serve!

Being the founder, Marc wants to help people, love people, care for people. Dad will always take time out for every person, he will always in humility value others more highly than himself and will use his evangelistic personality to make things happen in the community.

Heather will always provide a listening ear that makes people feel like they can always have a place where there is trust and confidentiality.


Amy is one of the biggest people persons that exist! A smile that will light up a room and bring hope into anyones day.

Luke will always desire to be creative as it relates to raising awareness for families and the work done within the charity.

Dillon will always provide assistance with crafted coffees, musical playing, powerpoint enabling and kindness.

Iris always takes a focus in being on the ground with the charity and not only seeing first hand what is going on, but also helping first hand.

Tabitha says it as it is, there is no messing around. Love God and love people is the way in which Tabitha lives her life and nothing will deter her from this Biblical Mantra.

Yeonil is young in age and old in maturity. Yeonil will bring so much to the charity with his energy, his listening and his charity.

Susan is one of the most authentic people you will meet and will always ensure that we as a charity are both transparent and authentic at all times.

Iris is a seasoned veteran as it relates to charities, operations, practicalities and is instrumental in helping the charity stay on course.

Luke is Co-Founder and Director of Hope2Families and Wildfire and so is there to cast the vision and communicate that vision to others.

Dillon is again one of the Taylors and reinforces the family nature embedded within the charity. Dillon will always be there to remind everyone of both hospitality and practical generosity.

Being the wife of the founder Heather has her finger on the pulse of why the charity exists and how it runs. Heather provides unique insight and accountability to the DNA of the charity.

Peter is highly intelligent and critical, Peter will simply say it as it is and will treat the role of Trustee with diligence and care.

Niamh is a passionate character that can always realign everyones focus towards hope.

Liam, like Adelle, highlights the family nature of our charity. Liam is extremely kind, consistent and steadfast, indispensable qualities for a trustee.

Adelle provides a christ-centred accountability that is always pragmatic and helpful. With Adelles children involved within the charity; this really is a family venture which aligns with the family nature of Hope2Families.

Hope2Families Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding is very important to us

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