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Churches are great places. Full of many great people. But too often people get too comfortable, and forget that Jesus calls every born-again believer to share the Good News with everyone, especially those who are hurting. When Marc Taylor was himself diagnosed with Cancer and told his life expectancy was short, Marc felt that hurt very pointedly. He sought out help from the church circles he had moved in his whole life. However, what he found was a lack of structured christian support for those suffering with cancer.

So, with the help of his son, Marc determined that if the LORD spared him, they would set up a charity that would bring together diverse people and expertise to fill this void. Hope2Families is the result.

Founders Only one life to give

Marc & Heather Taylor

Marc & Heather commenced their journey together in Christian ministry founding ‘The Rescue,’ a youth organisation in Stewartstown, many young lives where transformed during this period of time, in 2010 Marc & Heather took up the pastorate in Dunseverick Baptist Tabernacle, it was during this period that they discovered many families in Bushmills & surrounding areas that needed help, support, love and encouragement.

In 2013 they began to work right throughout Ireland sharing the message of the Gospel, this message that brought hope to countless hopless situations. Marc & Heather have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel in other countries and a country that was special to them is Romania.

In 2020 their lives where changed in the most dramatic way when Marc received the diagnosis of Stage 3 Cancer, hospitalised for many weeks during covid pandemic, Marc lay many nights in a hospital bed wondering and having so many questions about faith, God’s plans, and the outcome of this diagnosis. Many nights where spent alone in a hospital room calling out to God to bring him through,it was during this period of time that Marc & Heather realised there was such a vacuum of Christian based support for families facing cancer.

After being introduced to Pastor Roy Kerr & his wife June, this all was to change and Hope2families was established as a place where families could receive Hope.

What We Believe & Why We Care

Our team and board of governors come from a variety of backgrounds and denominations, and our goal is to show genuine christian care and concern for body AND soul to those suffering cancer. 

PES support for families | We want to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support for families that come our way, specifically those battling with cancer.

Instilling hope for families | We want to instil hope to any individual who comes in contact with our charity 

Restoration for families | We want to provide restoration for children, parents and families; mending wounds and healing hurts.

Raising awareness for families | We want to raise awareness for cancer sufferers, those with addiction and impoverished families, providing them financial support and making people aware of the difficult situations families are so often plunged into.

Every member of our team has a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We acknowledge mankind’s relationship with God has been broken by rebellion and sin abounds in this world. We see the outworking of sin in death, sorrow and sickness. Through professional expertise and practical experience we want to offer our help and support to walk alongside those suffering from cancer, whether personally or within their own family circles.

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