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Questions About Life

Cancer Makes You Confused

The word can stike fear into the hearts of those who hear it. But cancer always happens to someone else…or does it? Maybe you have been given a diagnosis of cancer and you don’t know where to turn. Your mind is full of questions:

Questions About Life

Cancer Raises Fear

Suddenly the future you had planned and imagined for yourself and your family no longer looks certain, everything has changed. In the middle of all the crisis and confusion, is there anywhere that you can turn for help? Here at Hope2Families we have experience of supporting and caring for people through all kinds of crisis and beyond. Your fears and questions will be listened to in confidence and safety and will be taken seriously. This time of crisis in your life can be a time to stop and take stock and find God, who is reaching out to you in love. Fresh Hope is possible for you and your family.

Questions About Life

Hope2Families responds

On the eve of the first lockdown, ushered in by the pandemic, Marc Taylor was diagnosed with cancer, marking the beginning of a journey that so many had made before him, and so many would make in the future. Having coming through the other side, Marc set up a christian charity… ‘Hope2Families.’ This charity seeks to provide practical support for those journeying through cancer, as well as those in wider suffering and crises. 

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Latest Interviews & Encouragements

Marc regularly meets and interviews some interesting people, mainly those who have experienced cancer directly or others with some experience relevant to Cancer. 


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